Listening to Dango song like

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Clannad; Dango;
Track: absolutely disgusting

Artist: geeksotospeak

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my sides; oh fuck; Puella magi madoka magica;


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Asada Shino; Sinon; Sword Art Online; Gun Gale Online; SAOgif; mygif; DesuGun; Death Gun;

Five and Nine

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Zankyou no Terror; Terror in Resonance; Five; Nine; mygif; terrorgif;

One hell of a butler

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sebastian michaelis; black butler; kuroshitsuji; myedit; official art edit;
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Tokyo Ghoul; mygif; tggif; Kaneki Ken; Kamishiro Rize; I may post a little less frequently now that Uni has started;

No regrets

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Levi Ackerman; Erwin Smith; Attack on Titan; SnK; SnKgif; mygif; Levi walks like a runway model;
Track: Wounded Innocence [Single]

Artist: Uchidya Maaya

Album: 創傷イノセンス

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Akuma no Riddle OP - Wounded Innocence

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Akuma no Riddle!;

"A hero of war, is that what they see?
Just medals and scars,

So damn proud of me.
And I brought home that flag;
now it gathers dust, but it’s a flag that I love
It’s the only thing I trust.” 

- Hero of War - Rise Against

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Attack on Titan; Shingeki no Kyojin; SnKgif; mygif; lyrics;

10 - Aoigiri

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Tokyo Ghoul; mygif; tggif; Kaneki Ken; Kirishima Touka; Suzuya Juuzou; the censorship is fucking ridiculous this episode was literally 90% fucking black gradeitn.;


I hit 300 followers today. Incredible that 300 people seem to like this blog among a sea of better anime blogs. 

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Steins;Gate; Lucky Star;


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YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE FREE OF K-ON?; SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS; k-on!; kongif; mygif; hirasawa yui; kotobuki tsumugi; nakano azusa; ton-chan;

My Song
Girls Dead Monster

Crow Song EP

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Iwasawa Masami; Angel Beats; angelbeatsgif; mygif; feel trip friday; I think this looks a lot better than the version I did when I first started this blog; I really like the finger work animation;


「日々のお絵かき抜粋」/「sat-C」の漫画 [pixiv]

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oh ho ho;

Let's kick off this weekend with Erza appreciation

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Erza Scarlet; Fairy Tail; FTgif; mygif; How the fuck she squeezed in three cats between her boobs is beyond me I wanna get in on that shit;